First post on Jekyll using only Windows

When I decided to create this blog using Jekyll, I knew that I had to choose a different OS as development environment and I even wrote a blog post with alternatives. Looks like there is still hope and this is my first post from Windows!

Microsoft recently announced that will support Ubuntu bash on Windows 10. It is big move from Microsoft. I decided to install it on my computer and give it a try, even if it is still a beta release. As an advanced user I shouldn’t be scared of that, should I?

I installed git, Ruby, nodejs and Jekyll, cloned my blog repository from Github and started the service. The only problem was that there is a known issue that prevents the file system watch. I had to run jekyll using –no-watch argument and restart the service manually after each change. If you want to help fix this issue, please vote here.

Update April 9, 2017: The issue with the system watch has been fixed.

Despite of that, Everything seems to be working fine and I was able to run the service on Ubuntu and access it from my Windows browser without any issues. No virtual machine, no emulation. That’s Ubuntu bits running on Windows. Loved it!

If you want to know more about Ubuntu bash on Windows, I recommend that you watch this video from Scott Hanselman where he does a great demo of it.

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